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Mt. Pinos Trail

"I arrived at the Nordic Center early in the morning to find a big empty parking lot. The hike started at 46 degrees and sunny. To me, this was perfect hiking weather. The summit is about 2 miles away and a pretty easy hike through some nice scenery. I continued beyond to Sawmill Mountain and Grouse Mountain before returning back to Mount Pinos on the way back to the parking lot. The total mileage for all three peaks during the hike was 10.6 miles with 1900 foot elevation gain." - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 15, 2017
"Beautiful day. Just wanted to spend some time at altitude, and this was a great way to do it. Fun fact: you can see the Channel Islands (you know, the ones in the ocean) and the snow on Mt. Whitney (the one in the Sierra) from the top of Mt. Pinos. That's cool." - benjineer, May 20, 2017
"Wonderful, easy hike from the Mt. Pinos Nordic Base with about 500' elevation gain. The hike is through enigmatically beautiful stands of Jeffrey Pine and White Fir, then Limber Pine mixing in as you gain the crest towards the summit. The hike is roughly 2 miles to the summit. I summited twice this day because I also went to Sawmill Mountain about a mile and a half away to the west, and I went back to the summit of Mt. Pinos to get a few more photos." - brianpowell, Sep 10, 2016
"Stop 1 of 4 on my Daylight Savings Time wintery traverse of the Mount Pinos - Cerro Noroeste ridge. At this point in the day there were plenty of blue skies and a bunch of XC skiers enjoying the open expanses of the Mount Pinos summit." - edg, Mar 13, 2016
"No snow (although I went a week later and there was quite a bit at the top!). Really easy hike to the top, just over a mile. Strong winds picked up later in the afternoon and brought in some ominous fog, so I headed back to my car just in time for the sun to completely set). " - red-schindler, Oct 28, 2015



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