4,310 ft / 1,313 m


236 ft / 71 m


355 summits

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  • Like Mount Marshall in the Adirondacks, Mt. Pierce was originally named Mt. Clinton after Gov. DeWitt Clinton of New York. Mt. Pierce, which is in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire, is now fittingly named after the state's own President Franklin Pierce.
"Up eisenhower and pierce...Curran & I started our day at 4am to be back to celebrate with our mothers. Great weather, amazing morning....snow and monorail still up there....spikes on and off but tank tops and spikes are my favorite hiking combination!" - shay-shay, May 13, 2018
"Southern Presi loop with Roger...Up to Eisenhower....underestimated the amount of fresh snow...we decided to try a trail new to us and then headed across pierce and to jackson. We had to break trail up to Eisenhower and from the hut to Jackson. A gorgeous day with warmer temps and just a little wind." - shay-shay, Apr 11, 2018
"Summit completely socked in with fog. Had lunch and waited, fed the gray jays and waited. Still all fog, left for Mizpah, got to the So. Pierce knoll and saw Mt Wash clear as day. Turned around and went back to summit. Really neat under cast all around Eisenhower. Not much wind at all, not much sun either, temps 25ish." - Alohabuffy, Dec 2, 2017
"I hiked up the Crawford Path to the Mizpah Spring Cutoff, poked my nose into the hut and went up the Webster Cliff Trail to Mount Pierce. Met a couple guys at the summit who were just leaving, so I had it all to myself for a while. Awesome day. It clouded up for about a minute when I first got to the summit, but the sun won out and the views were beautiful. :) Went back down to the hut to spend the night and meet up with the group I planned to hike with the following day." - Hufflepuff, Sep 15, 2017
"Honestly, Pierce wasn't very interesting at all. I didn't even realize I had summited the mountain until I was descending. Once back below treeline, the warm conditions became an issue because all of the snow and ice on the trees was melting and it was like hiking in a rainstorm. I made good time down to Mitzpah Hut and then continued on to my last peak of the day, Jackson. (log continued on Jackson page). " - LGH-Tom, Apr 23, 2017



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