13,480 ft / 4,109 m


547 ft / 167 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

September  50%

June   25%

November   25%

Most climbed route

Traverse to/from Joe Devel Peak

"After a well earned break on JD, I started over to Pickering. My beta suggested dropping off the ridge to the east face of the ridge, and I choose a pretty loose chute to drop into. Probably added 30 minutes negotiating my way down to the level of the cliff bands below the ridgeline. Either way, once I made it out of the chute, the rest was an uneventful boulder hop to the summit. At this point I had to make the call as to whether to go to Newcomb, the hardest part of the traverse, or skip it for Chamberlin and/or Guyot. I decided to drop off the west face which I would need to do regardless, " - Christopher, Jun 8, 2013



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