5,716 ft / 1,742 m


1,296 ft / 395 m


4 summits

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January   75%

November   25%

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Trail from Dante's Point

"Drove up from Vegas to have a nice camping weekend in Death Valley. Decided to hike to Mount Perry while we were here. The paint was still there on several rocks. Other than that, the weather was great, the views were breathtaking & the conversations were not ok to talk about in public! What a great hike! I can't believe how infrequently it is climbed. There were several instances where there was a gap of more than a year or two between ascents!" - Kevin, Jan 19, 2013
"A great Death Valley hike. Views are incredible and there is a trail the whole way with very minimal scrambling along the summit ridge. Perfect way to end a week of peak bagging in the desert. Only problem was the fresh PAINTED blazes on part of the trail. WTF? If you can't find your way on this route and need to PAINT the rocks you shouldn't be out here, period. If anything, build a freaking cairn. But you don't even need those - it's a ridge. With a trail. One way goes to the summit. The other goes back to the parking lot. Geesh. Reported to a not-so-pleased ranger." - calipidder, Nov 24, 2012


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