11,673 ft / 3,558 m


4,153 ft / 1,266 m


9 summits

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August   33%

September  33%

February   11%

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Road from west

"Hiked up to Mt Patterson from Belfort. The road up to Belfort was pretty rough and had me puckering up numerous times. I probably could of drove all the way here but I wanted to actually hike up to Patterson and nearby Wheeler Peak. The hike up was surreal, there were so many different colors of rocks; from orange to pink to purple to yellow to white. It felt like you were on another planet. I had to stop and catch my breath numerous times, these were the highest mountains I have climbed up to this point. The summit had amazing views but I didn't stay up there too long because there were some " - Sledhead29, Aug 15, 2018
"Drove the Tundra up to Belfort via Sweetwater ranch (4x4 only). Parked at dried pond and dayhiked the peaks. Saw no other hikers, just atvs and dirtbikes. Meh. But the rocks and terrain is out of this world, almost alien. Feels like mars or the moon." - calipidder, Aug 3, 2013



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