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"Decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head up for our third straight weekend of hiking. Blueberry Ledge Trail to Mt. Whiteface, then Rollins Trail to Dicey's Mill and Mt. Passaconaway. A great hike overall, but tiring, so that last 0.7 mile stretch up to the Passaconaway summit made me cry a little on the inside. Lunch, conversation, and the tiniest summit cairn ever. Then we quickly headed down Dicey's Mill Trail back to the Ferncroft Road parking area." - gooner, Jul 7, 2018
"Slightly raining....or misty day of on and off sun. Hiked with roger up the ledges and over to grab passaconaway. Super excited to grab these two together with a partner so I knew what to expect when heading out solo." - shay-shay, Apr 30, 2018
"From Whiteface, I took the Rollins Tr over, then went up Passaconaway. I red-lined the Passaconaway View spur tr. Wow. I have been missing out for a long time. I then came down Passaconaway on the eastern side to mix up the descent a bit. Then Dicey's Mill Tr back to the parking lot." - newenglandwarrior, Oct 18, 2017
"Hiked Blueberry ledge trail to Whiteface, then over Rollins trail to Passaconaway. From Passaconaway hiked Walden trail down to hit Mt. Hibbard, then the Wonalancet trail back to parking lot" - blackwolf_03278, Sep 24, 2017
"Forecast was for a wet day, so we took the long route for Passaconaway & Whiteface instead of going up the ledges, we spoke to several people who did climb the ledges, and never regretted our decision to go this route. It never rained, but we were in the clouds until the very end. 15.6 Miles! The Oliverian Brook Trail & Passaconaway cutoff trails were quite nice, and in good condition. The loop up to Passaconaway was a good climb to a boring summit! It seemed that we went down forever to the Rollins Trail, but we loved that trail (see my Whiteface log for more). No views all day, which w" - PJSelmer, Aug 12, 2017



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