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426 ft / 129 m


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Hanging Bridge

"20160528 Pamitinan Dayhike Personal Itinerary Synopsis: Planned mountain hike planned on Friday to be executed on Saturday. Physical condition goes at top shape. Food summary of prepared food for lunch plus consumables. Second hike. Trail described as tall and rough with inspiring rock formations, moderate forestation, full-on vertical assaults, rock climbing segments, and individual viewpoints for nearby mountains and Rodriguez, Rizal. Overall, a challenging mountain that will test basic grip coordination and endurance against time for scheduled ascent. Participants: Christian R. (a" - christianr009, May 28, 2016
"The group started out at around 5:30AM. The assault was a surprise to most of us since it was just our second climb (after Mt Binicayan). It was quite a sweltering day. Lots of rests and everyone encouraged each other to go on. " - sylespina, Apr 6, 2016
"This should be a solo climb, but because of the park's rule -no guide, no climb- i lose to have one solo day hike, though i managed to have a guide weeks earlier, i still ended up joining a group of season hikers... and i enjoyed it :)" - ar-o, Feb 22, 2015



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