2,178 ft / 664 m


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55 summits

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May   16%

February   14%

June   12%

Most climbed route

Magnetic Hill - Ternate Cavite

"* My first climb. * Taken the newest trail that DENR made. * The monolith made my knee shake :) * atop of the monolith is one of the most incredible scenery I've seen in my life." - Shifueya, Feb 7, 2015
"Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 2-5 hours Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3 Mt. Pico de Loro my second peak this year yet my 3rd mountain peak as a climber, I climb this mountain with my two buddy. We climb this mountain for three hours, two hours up and one hour descent. Even though we lost in the trail due to the small sign of DENR yet we still accomplish our climb and at the end of the trail one of the DENR staff give us a ride to the bus station. Keep Climbing! ►Lakturan Mountaineer!" - chock, May 26, 2013
"I've been here for night trek with my 4 mountaineer's friend. We just start trek at 0200H and reach the campsite at 0600H. After we reach campsite (kawayan).We just pitch our tent and started to cook my breakfast and after that we had the early socials. at 1200H 1 friend reach the campsite at 1500H another set of friends reach our camp. for 3 days being their is one of a kind experience and I enjoy a lot. Because we had a lots of foods and liquors. And it was my first time reached the 2nd peak (Monolith) . 05.10-13,2013" - melyn, May 11, 2013
"It was a successful Climb, Guiding a New Team of Mountaineers "Emnackerz Adventurous", 30pax... It was my 3rd time on this Mountain, also known as Mt. Pico De Loro ( Parrots Beak )." - omengsandoval, Oct 6, 2012



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