8,582 ft / 2,615 m


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3 summits

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January   33%

May   33%

November   33%

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"After about an hour of long walk we finally reached what we thought was the summit. So we had the mandatory Summit picture. I was skeptical, the summit looked a tad bit different from the one I saw at http://www.pinoymountaineer.com/. Kuya Ryan might have thought the same thing and as if we spoke telepathically, I looked at him and was about to say what I thought, when he blurted out "parang hindi ito yung summit"; we laughed in unison. We continued walking for another 100 meters and reached a dead end, the neighboring house was empty and there was no one nearby we could ask. Feeling dauntless" - beverliedamaso, Nov 18, 2014


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