4,340 ft / 1,323 m


2,034 ft / 620 m


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July   13%

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Mount Osceola Trail

"2 semaines solo de pure plaisir à faire du hiking à différentes places dont les Whites Moutains. Derniere journée de mon voyage. Mes pieds et jambes me disent d'arrêter maintenant! Je vais les écouter et faire ces deux derniers sommets avant de quitter. Encore une fois, ce fut une très belle expérience. J'ai adoré la vu rendu au sommet! C'est vraiment magnifique!!!!" - fsoucy76, Sep 30, 2018
"Solo. 4/48. Continued from East Osceola (see previous report) and was just enamored with the corridors of green between the two mountains. I passed quite a few people in the col, and stopped to talk to a delightful couple, the woman telling me she is 76 (!!!) and started hiking at 65 (!!!), gosh I hope I am hiking at that age, she is my spirit animal. And didn’t look a day over 55, I was shocked! I scrambled and walked and scrambled and walked, and as I neared “the chimney” I heard some colorful language and heard what I recognized to be the sound of trekking poles being thrown from a height, " - kellieirene, Aug 23, 2018
"Nice beautiful day in NH. Hiked up from Triploi rd. Trail was nice and lots of trail work had been done to clear blow downs. We enjoyed a nice view at summit and took our time headed back!" - blackwolf_03278, Jun 3, 2018
"Halfway decent day, some sun and fairly calm at the summit. Needed spikes, lots of icy parts. Up and over or down and under many blowdowns. People did a nice job cleaning it up." - Alohabuffy, Nov 12, 2017
"Perfect hiking weather! We hit the trailhead at 9:15am, after our standard lengthy pre-hike drive, and kept a good pace to the summit. The trail was fairly rocky, but pleasant and wide, and seemed to be extremely popular! We reached the summit in 1hr50min, and celebrated with a hearty half-lunch and time to enjoy the view. I also attempted to use the sun and an AMC map to figure out which mountains we were looking at... next time, I'll remember my compass. About 45min from there to the East Osceola summit. On the way back, we had some fun climbing up the chimney. Though heading back the way we" - gooner, Jul 29, 2017



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