7,969 ft / 2,429 m


7,838 ft / 2,389 m


13 summits

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July   33%

June   20%

August   13%

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Blue Glacier


  • Mount Olympus is the highest and most prominent mountain in the Olympic Mountains range in western Washington.
  • Located on the Olympic Peninsula, it is the central feature of Olympic National Park.
  • With notable local relief, it ascends over 6,900 ft from the 961 ft elevation confluence of the Hoh River with Hoh Creek in only 5.5 miles.
  • 7,829 ft of prominence, ranking 5th in the state of Washington.
  • Supports large glaciers despite its modest elevation and relatively low latitude (48¡) due to large winter snowfalls. These glaciers include Blue, Hoh, Humes, Jeffers, Hubert, and White. The longest is Hoh at 3 miles and the largest is Blue.
"Had an amazing trip to the top of the peninsula. Hiked Sunday after work with Sean and Megan to 5 mile island. Monday we walked the rest of the way to Glacier meadows and found a patch of dry ground to camp on. We left camp at 4 am and had to navigate most of the way through thick fog and sleet. We took our time making sure we were on route and hoped for a gap in the weather. We took the crystal pass route which was straight forward but we didn't arrive to the false summit until 3ish. The summit block was barley visible and we were just about to call it when the skies parted and we got our win" - MatthewWinterberg, Jun 20, 2017
"A trip blessed with fantastic weather, friends, and a one-of-a-kind peak. In the pre-dawn approach we swung wide when crossing Blue Glacier, skirting the base of Mt Mathias before cutting across to follow snow strips through the rock up to to Snow Dome. In the afternoon we had more confidence in the state of the glacier and cut a more direct route across the Blue. I've never been on a glacier that was so visibly and dramatically ablating, with water pouring down the upper surface and impressive aquamarine water chutes disappearing into the depths. Snow conditions were a bit soft after several " - TynanRammGranberg, Aug 13, 2016
"Day 1: Hike from Hoh River Visitor Center about 10.1 miles to Lewis Meadows where we camped on an gravel bar in the middle of the Hoh River. Day 2: Hiked from Lewis Meadows to Glacier Meadows at 4,300 ft, where we were greeted by a very big mountain goat and various deer. Day 3: Summit Day - Seven of us left camp at 4:10am and headed up the trail towards the Glacial Moraine. We then descended to the Blue Glacier, where we took a wide approach across the Blue Glacier to avoid what seemed to be many crevasses. We ascended some snow chutes until we reached Snow Dome. From here we roped up " - seancasserly, Aug 13, 2016



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