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1,250 m gain


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Feli, Mike and I drove to Spray Lakes with the truck loaded up with mountain bikes. We had a bit of a headwind on the way in, but it all went well and we hid our bikes by the trail. The hike/slog up was mostly uneventful, except for an ornery bighorn ram. We gave it a very wide berth, walking well around the three rams hanging out, but it kept approaching us. Mike and I took out our bear spray (safety too!) and we all stood together behind a tree clacking our poles together and against the wood. We yelled. Nothing! It would get a little bit closer, then stand there. Eventually, it got bored or figured we were safe and moseyed off. We slogged up and while the day started at 15C, it was 35 at the truck when we got back. We sure baked on the rocks. The ride out was quick with the tailwind and it didn't seem too much uphill. Another good day despite smoke and heat.

Route name

South ridge


Territorial bighorn sheep

Key gear

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The notch is spicier when it is has snow on it. :)