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  • Mount Muir lies in the Sierra Nevada of California less than a mile south of Mount Whitney.
  • One of the 14 California 14ers.
  • Named for John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, notable California geologist, and American conservationist.
  • The southernmost section of the John Muir Trail contours along the west side of Mount Muir near its summit and ends on the summit of Mount Whitney.
  • Mount Muir can be climbed on its west side from the John Muir Trail. Involves a short stretch of difficult scrambling up the steep, boulder-strewn slopes to the summit block (Class 3).
  • Easiest access to the summit of Mount Muir is by hiking the Mount Whitney Trail, which passes very close to the summit of Mount Muir after joining with the much longer John Muir Trail.
  • The east side of Mount Muir is a spectacular near-vertical cliff about 1,400 ft high. The first route on this side (the north side of the east buttress) is Class 4.
  • The south side of the east buttress is also a Class 4 climb.
"On the way to Whitney with my lady. The ranger had told us, when I asked about Mount Muir, that it was really exposed and that Katie was too short. She climbed the class 3 with ease. " - MatthewWinterberg, Sep 7, 2016
"The Muir Hut is open and welcome to travelers passing by for cover from rain and other weather conditions, but camping is not permitted overnight, which is exactly what I wanted to do to avoid setting up the tent again!" - HolleyB, Jul 11, 2016
"I took an unconventional approach and started my hike at Whitney Portal at 10am which brought me to Mount Muir's summit at approximately 430pm and back to TH around 11pm. The descent in the dark took almost as long as my ascent. Hiking down in the dark is much harder than up! Four hours down in the dark with busted knees and a crappy headlamp is not easy. Need more Lumens! Long ass day. " - ThemountainsarecallingImustgo, Sep 5, 2015
"We had to turn back at 11,900 feet last week due to hail & lightning, so we drove back up from Vegas this weekend to finish the job! We started at 1230am from Whitney Portal. We took the trail up & reached the summit of Mount Muir soon after sunrise. We were feeling good, so instead of going directly to Mount Whitney, we decided to climb all of the needles along the way! In all, we climbed Mount Muir, S'Brutal Tower, Aiguille Junior, Aiguille du Paquoir, Aiguille Extra, Third Needle, Crooks Peak, Keeler Needle and Mount Whitney, in that order!!! From there, we took a brief rest, then" - Kevin, Jul 26, 2014
"Started at Crabtree Meadows and had the trail to myself pretty much all the way to trailcrest! Got off the Whitney trail a bit too early and had to traverse to get under the summit block. The scramble to the top was good fun, although the wind made it seems a little scarier at the time then it really was. I'd definitely hit this up again next time I'm on Whitney." - Christopher, Jun 24, 2012



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