13,748 ft / 4,190 m


2,628 ft / 801 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

August   42%

September  28%

June   14%

Most climbed route

Ridge from Francis Lake

"After draining my energy getting up Little Lakes, the day got a bit better as I enjoyed the fantastic class 3-4 traverse up to Morgan. It was easy to avoid the really tough stuff by dropping to one side of the ridge over the other, and the very top leads you to a false summit with a very spicy knife traverse over and around to the true top. At this point I had a touch of AMS, coupled with afternoon storms, which caused me to bail on Twelve Flags and Adamson Point, the two actual Sierra Challenge Peaks that day. However, I learned the next day that only 7/40 people were able to tag both, so I f" - Christopher, Aug 17, 2013
"Dayhiked from Rock Creek Lake. Came from sea level so I was unacclimated and moving so so slowly, but the peak is great. Awesome easy terrain if you know the route (like don't go up the drainage from Francis Lake, take the sandy slopes or ridge to the west). The final ridge looks a little intimidating from below but it is one of the easiest ridge climbs I've done out there. So much fun. Just wish I wasn't gasping for air. Amazing views from the summit. If I wasn't past my turnaround time I would have spent a lot more time up there." - calipidder, Oct 6, 2012



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