5,840 ft / 1,780 m


480 ft / 146 m


26 summits

Top climbing months

February   23%

June   15%

April   15%

Most climbed route

2N15 Forest Service Road

"Very easy hike, and relaxing. I started out at the "back" intersection of Mt. Mooney Rd. and Angeles Crest Highway (not at the one by Charlton Flats (the "front" intersection). I took the gentle incline through fire-recovery areas, and also through a few surviving groves of conifer trees up to a small saddle. I turned right onto the small use trail and followed it up the ridge to the summit. The use trail is not steep, but it can be hard to follow at times due to fallen tree snags, but if one loses the trail under the logs and branches, he or she can take the path of least resistance to th" - brianpowell, Apr 1, 2017
"I hiked this peak and Vetter Mt. out of Chilao campground. As of 12/2016 the area is still badly damaged from the Station Fire and looks like it will need many more years to recover." - klotito, Dec 3, 2016
"Climbed to the summit with 12 other hikers from the Sierra Cub Hundred Peaks section. Bill and Virginia Simpson led the hike. The trail was very overgrown with brush and difficult to follow." - jamesmeneely, Jul 9, 2016
"Stop Number 3. Gate to Vetter was closed, so hit Mooney instead. Drove up the dirt road behind some poor mountain biker. Lots of blow downs; the walk was short but annoying." - edg, Feb 21, 2016
"The HPS "route 1" directions didn't really seem workable to me...lots of downed trees in the way, tons of poodle-dog, not clear where to go... So I drove a bit farther west and went up the ridge eastward toward the summit. There was still a good bit of poodle-dog on that side, but at least it was doable. " - HikerMark, Aug 30, 2014



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