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"2 semaines solo de pure plaisir à faire du hiking à différentes places dont les Whites Moutains. LA grosse journée où je tente trois gros sommets dont le mont Washington. Ce fut une réussite de A à Z. En beaucoup moins de temps que je le pensais et aussi plus facilement que je m'y attendais. Je monte par la trail ammonoosuc jusqu'à la Hut, direction Monroe, ensuite retour vers Washington, pause diner, direction Clay: ensuite Jefferson, je vire de bord pour me diriger vers la Jewel trail jusqu'au stationnement... Oufff! Très belle journée malgré que les sommets avaient la tête dans les nuages," - fsoucy76, Sep 24, 2018
"Finally a nice day, comfortable weather not as much humidity and clear sky. We approached the summit via the ammonoosuc ravine trail! The trail is steep and steady but good slabs of rock, great footing up and down the mountain. 360 degree views from the summit, wish we had these views on Mt. Washington but we were able to get views of the Mt. Washington summit." - hbotc, Aug 15, 2018
"So, I headed up to New Hampshire on Saturday morning with a plan of hiking a southern presidential traverse on Sunday since the weather was supposed to be perfect. Luckily, Kim came with me to act as my personal shuttle to pick me up in Crawford Notch after dropping me off at the cog Base Station. I started up to Ammonusuc Ravine Trail at 7:15am and made my way up to Lakes of the Clouds Hut. The weather was absolutely perfect and I quickly took my jacket off on the way up. The trail is easy to start, but quickly gains elevation after reaching the gem pool. I put my jacket back on at the hut be" - LGH-Tom, Apr 23, 2017
"Amazing day with sunny skies, temps in the 20's and to top it off very little wind. It was an incredible day to hit Monroe and Washington and I would say the hundred other people up there would agree! Snowshoes up to the hut, crampons to Monroe and Washington, over Washington to Jewell we switched to microspikes. At treeline we returned to snow shoes. Fantastic weekend to bag the last of my presidentials (winter)." - shay-shay, Mar 18, 2017
"Great day for hiking upper elevations, bright blue sky and temps in the 50s and a reasonable wind. Went up Ammonoosuc Ravine and took Crawford trail south to climb Monroe. Bagged West Peak on the way." - Alohabuffy, Nov 19, 2016



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