10,452 ft / 3,185 m


192 ft / 58 m


11 summits

Top climbing months

August   27%

July   18%

September  18%

Most climbed route

Millicent top shack

"Last peak on my ridge hike today from Preston Peak. The hike from Wolverine to Millicent looks a lot worse than it really is and all the boulder hopping up was very cool. The trip down was slow and long, with lots of boulder hopping. There really isn't any exposure though, so I felt very safe." - Apcook, Aug 21, 2016
"Got off work early so I decided to go to the mountains. I decided to clime Millicent and it was fun. I got to twin lakes with ease then started on the service road up to the top of Mill lift. Then came the scramble up the side of Milli. There was a pipe that ran up the side of the mountain and I stuck close to it. I finally got to the top and it was very cold as the sun was behind a cloud the entire time I was up there. The sun finally came back out after I got down which made a very pleasant hike back down. " - shaggs31, Oct 10, 2014
"Started from Catherine's Pass parking lot in Albion Basin. Went up from Catherine's Pass and hit Tuscarora, Wolverine and Millicent. Then went down to the Brighton Lakes and back up to Catherine's Pass and out. Three easy peaks to get within a couple of hours. The views are fantastic" - garf, Jun 29, 2009


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