2,742 ft / 835 m


853 ft / 259 m


7 summits

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August   28%

June   14%

July   14%

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"Left camping area t 6.10 am. Went earlier than my companions due to an injury slowing me down. Arrived at the top about 8.10 and the others arrived about 30 minutes later. Track is fairly obvious to the top of the first peak. It starts near the southern end of the camping area on Waterfall Creek Rd. Some parts are steep but not too difficult. Track from first peak (western) to second and main peak (eastern) is stepp down and steep up. To return to the cars, go back down the obvious track on the south ridge to the road then it is about 3.5 km hike along the dirt road. Would advise not doing thi" - donizen, Nov 26, 2016


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