14,428 ft / 4,398 m


1,961 ft / 598 m


93 summits

Top climbing months

July   34%

September  20%

August   19%

Most climbed route

Southwest Slopes from Halfmoon Creek TH

Class 2 • 3,748 ft / 1,142 m gain


  • Mount Massive is the 2nd highest peak in Colorado and the 3rd highest peak in the contiguous United States.
  • Long thought to be the highest 14er in Colorado before next-door neighbor Elbert took that crown.
  • Name comes from its elongated shape with 5 summits over 14,000 ft and a summit ridge over 3 miles long.
  • Has the most acreage above 14,000 feet of any mountain in Colorado.
  • Standard route starts on the Colorado Trail before an often gradual ascent through wide alpine meadows to the summit ridge.
"Beautiful day with cooperative weather and friendly hikers. We stayed on the summit for about 45 minutes enjoying lunch and the other hikers. Massive, she's a steep one. Gorgeous hike. We saw a goat!" - wendyglitterhippie, Aug 25, 2018
"Climbed the steep route up from the South / South West (half-moon Camp) and took the gradual route down to the main trail head for mount Massive. Beautiful day despite weather reports warning of thunder storms. We did have some menacing looking clouds roll in and we waited in a gully with some boulders as shelter just above tree line. From there if the light show got impressive we where going to bee line it down a scree field below tree line. Luckily all that really happened is it brought in some hail for about 15 minutes and then we where on our way to the summit. We met 5 other hikers a" - jouv236, Jun 15, 2018
"Hiked up the Southwest slopes via Half Moon Trail, made the summit and returned on the main Mt Massive Trail making a full loop. The Southwest Slopes was very difficult for me, but the scenery is so worth the effort! Got to photograph a Mama Mountain Goat with her Kid at the summit!" - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Aug 26, 2017
"Great day in the mountains. Easy to lose the trail in snow over 13k and wound up going up some loose talus. Conditions were perfect for glissading on the descent- 3800' in only 2 hours!" - Christopher, Jun 11, 2017
"My second summit of Mount Massive! This was my first time climbing it via the East Ridge. Not an easy route! It is about the same distance as the standard route, but with more elevation gain. You can see the standard route just a few miles south while on this route. The last 3 miles up the ridge are by far the worst! There are tons of ups and downs on the ridge, and because of the snow there were some places that were class 3. Also, everyone should know that the bears are starting to wake up and become active for the season. We broke trail on the way up. On the way down there were huge bear tr" - IanWright, Apr 13, 2016



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