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525 ft / 160 m


77 summits

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October   11%


  • Marshall was originally named after DeWitt Clinton of Erie Canal fame, but was renamed Marshall after the death of Robert Marshall who along with his brother George Marshall and Herbert Clark were the first Forty Sixers. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Area in Montana is also named for him.
"Hiked with my brother Tommy. Picked him up at 0500, and due to snowy road conditions up north, wound up beginning our hike at 0800. The lower parts of the trail had a decent showing of fresh powder, which was unfortunately a fantastic cover for still-there mud pits that we slammed through for many miles. The wooden suspension bridge we had to cross is in terrible condition with a terrifying lean to it and we enjoyed laughing at eachother trying to hold tight to get to the other side! We reached the Henderson Memorial around 0900, and continued along the blue marked trail to the Flowed Lands. " - kellieirene, Dec 3, 2016
"Hiker with my sister Kellie. This summit would be number 41 of 46 towards her goal of becoming an ADK46er. We started early around 8am from upper works. It was snowing and would continue to snow all day long only stopping when we got on the northway heading home. Neither of us had hiked from Upper Works before (I had completed Marshall from the Loj via Avalanche Pass on my 46er quest). We were the only tracks after the turnoff for Indian Pass, so we knew we would most likely be breaking trail all day. the trail conditions were deplorable since the fresh snow was just covering large mud puddles" - LGH-Tom, Dec 3, 2016
"Deb and I enjoyed this one, the well defined herd path, all the vegetation, following up the slabs of Herb Brook. Great weather, great hike. Views at the top aren't much but other things made the difference." - hbotc, Sep 3, 2016
"Now I'm starting to push pretty hard to finish my NE115. Hiked up to Marshall. Tricky time following the herd path up since there were several brook crossings and the herd path on the snow was faint at times. Eventually reached the summit. Socked in by clouds. Headed back to my car in Upper Works and spent the night there." - newenglandwarrior, May 5, 2016
"great way to kick off the winter season. Crunchy mud down low with ice up high. About 1000' of gain for the first 6 mile to the herdpath with another 1500' gin over the 1.5 mile hike up the herdpath. Fun day." - deb-and-rob, Dec 21, 2015



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