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Margaret Lake Trail

"I took the fam up to Twin Lakes near Mount Margaret for an overnighter at the camping spot right between the lakes. We also took a peek at Lake Laura and Lake Lillian on the way in. While everyone was sleeping away the morning I decided to head up to Mount Margaret. I first checked out the south peak before heading over to the true summit. Great views from both. Beautiful day and it was nice to get away from the mosquitos at camp for a while. Those things love me." - Al-Rashid, Aug 3, 2013
"When I attempted mount Margaret last winter, I added two miles of road walking from the winter trailhead. After post-holing along the entire Ridge to the false summit, I turned back after triggering the collapse of a large section of cornice less than 5 feet from where Maverick and I were standing. My 7 year old nephew began hiking with me this year. So far he has stood up to every test of his stamina and will, so when poopy weather ruined the plans for a few shorter hikes to nearby fire lookouts, I was not hesitant to bring Julian for my makeup attempt. A word to the unwise like me, who" - Jeb, Jun 23, 2013
"I did a quick after work trip up to Mt. Margaret and Lake Lillian. The trails are in excellent shape. Some flowers are still in bloom. Clouds were high enough that they didn't obscure the views." - MangyMarmot, Aug 28, 2012
"The road to the trailhead is blocked by a snow bank, which didn't stop the snowmobiles that often recreate here. They packed the snow down nicely, which kind of made up for the noise and fumes that disturbed the hike. The tracks stopped on the end of Margaret's south ridge. The rest of the way to summit was slow going, sinking past the knee at best and often to the hip with each step. I need some snow shoes, but being less than a half mile away, I couldn't stop yet. The last 1000' of the ridge line was cornice after deadly cornice, and I watched a substantial portion of one collapse down " - Jeb, Mar 19, 2012


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