4,826 ft / 1,471 m

#973 in Alaska

#32,592 in United States


889 ft / 271 m

#124 in Alaska

#2,939 in United States


4 summits

#24 in Alaska

#5,220 in United States

Top climbing months

June   40%

August   40%

July   20%

Most climbed route

Main route


  • Mount Marathon derives its name from the ever-popular Mount Marathon Race held every Fourth of July, the 2nd oldest trail race in the US (the first being the Dipsea in Mill Valley, California).
  • The race starts in downtown and heads to Race Point at 3,022 feet, gaining 3,000 feet. The total race course distance is about 3.1 miles (5 km). Leading racers will typically reach the peak from the starting line in 33 min 40 sec, and reach the finish line from the peak in 10-15 minutes. Average speed uphill is 2 mph. Average speed downhill is 12 mph. It is not uncommon for the racers who finish to cross the finish line injured or bleeding and covered in mud.
  • The true summit of Mount Marathon lies beyond and is a technical mountaineering route.