2,708 ft / 825 m


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24 summits

Top climbing months

June   16%

May   16%

January   12%

"* The river and the waterfalls are enough for the adventure. * Will took 1 hour from the river to the summit. * Easy trail (if dry or during summer) * Has some aratilis tree :)" - Shifueya, May 9, 2015
"My first climb in Mt. Maranat with matching typhoon Maring and Habagat. A night trek climb with some Hawk Eye friends, Emnackerz and XMTSI. Reached the house of Tatay Nestor around 2400H. Socials with 40+ mountaineers friends. (Hawk Eye, Emnackerz, XTMSI, Hakbang, Nitnit, Palaboy) and stranded for 1 day due to typhoon. But thanks to Sir Omeng Sandoval, Sir Ace et. al and Tatay Nestor who are fully supportive and caring for the rest of the club they never let us down until we reached the jump off the next day. kudos! Reached jump off (Carinderia) 8.19.2013 1230H with matching ligaw na daan. " - melyn, Aug 17, 2013



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