4,393 ft / 1,339 m


3,633 ft / 1,107 m


243 summits

Top climbing months

July   21%

August   21%

June   14%

Most climbed route

Long Trail

Class 2 • 2,774 ft / 846 m gain


  • Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain in Vermont.
  • When viewed from the east or west, this mountain has the appearance of a (quite elongated) human profile, with distinct forehead, nose, lips, chin, and Adam's apple. These features are most distinct when viewed from the east; unlike most human faces, "The Chin" is the highest point.
  • Mount Mansfield is one of three spots in Vermont where true alpine tundra survives from the Ice Ages. A few acres exist on Camel's Hump and Mount Abraham to the south, but Mount Mansfield's summit still holds about 200 acres.
  • There are many hiking trails, including the famous Long Trail, which traverses the main ridgeline.
  • In addition, the east flank of the mountain is used by the Stowe Mountain Resort for winter skiing.
  • A toll road (about four miles, steep, mostly unpaved, with several hairpin turns) climbs from the Stowe Base Lodge to "The Nose".
"Très belle rando au dessus des nuages avec le groupe de Liane. C'est une belle et bonne personne que je découvre là! Deuxième ascension de Mansfield pour moi. Cette fois-ci par le côté plus "rock-&-Roll". J'ai vraiment adoré ce sentier. " - fsoucy76, Oct 6, 2018
"Overcast, a bit rainy, and unfortunately warm and VERY humid, but so worth it. The trail was fairly steep; no switchbacks. And very rocky. The last 3/10 of a mile you pretty much need hands and feet to climb the rocks. We had minimal views due to low clouds but I'm sure they would have been awesome." - marc, Aug 7, 2018
"We went up Long Trail South, and there was a lot of clouds and fog. But just about when we got to the base of the Chin, the sun came out so we were able to summit with sun and some views. The upper approach had some rime ice, but nothing too serious." - Alohabuffy, Nov 4, 2017
"A peine revenue de l'ouest Américain, je me lance dans cette rando avec Michel et RS. La forme n'était pas vraiment au rendez-vous à vrai dire. J'ai comme eu la chienne en montant, mais j'ai pu la faire en fin de compte. Je suis bien content que les autres n'aient pas eu le goût de faire la grosse boucle!!! Je ne suis vraiment pas certain que j'aurais été en mesure de la faire. Je suis malgré tout très heureux de ma journée. Il est maintenant temps de prendre soin de moi en restant chez moi pour le reste de la semaine qui me reste! Merci la vie! " - fsoucy76, Oct 21, 2017
"Coming up from the Forehead, we headed over to the summit. Lots of people on the trail. Marielle got her 90th NEHH peak. We then went down the exposed Sunset Ridge and checked out Cantilever Rock. A great day to be hiking. " - newenglandwarrior, Sep 2, 2017



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