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los baños

"Philippines. Started in Los Banos at the university. It was Good Friday, Holy Week, lots of people! First part is a paved road. Lots of shops. Bought some bananas. Went to mud pool first. At Agila Base the path got small. Climbed through forest. A lady gave some information: watch out for leeches and need to come down at 14 o clock! Oh ooh. Detour between station 16 and 17 because of landslide. On the way up went hardcore, left everyone behind. Wanted to make the summit before deadline. Climbed like crazy, passed lots of people. Did not wait for people coming down. Got to Peak 2 at 13h45 uff! " - Pieter, Mar 30, 2018
"20150308 Makiling Dayhike (UPLB Trail) Personal Itinerary Synopsis: Flash mountain hike planned on Saturday, to be executed on Sunday early morning. Physical condition is with little sleep but of healthy physical condition. Food summary of canned foods plus Jolibee breakfast and limited water. First hike. Trail described as lengthy, with beautiful flora past Nursery area, vibrant wilderness past Agila Base, vertical assault near summit, and small summit area with well-appreciable distant vistas. Overall, one of the best experience in seeing diverse and rare wildlife. Participants: Chri" - christianr009, Mar 8, 2015
"Ended a challenging yet memorable week with another challenging one-day traverse at the enchanting Mt. Makiling, from Sto. Tomas, Batangas to Los Baños, Laguna. It is one of the toughest mountain traverses you can do near the Metro. Known for its mystical and legendary stories of Maria Makiling, the mountain is home to a lush ecosystem that creates a world of its own. It is truly a blessing that the mountain has been opened again for hikers after years of closure." - ramng, Mar 7, 2015



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