1,786 ft / 544 m


187 ft / 56 m


394 summits

Top climbing months

May   17%

October   12%

April   11%

Most climbed route

Mount Major Trail (Blue)

Class 1


  • A scenic, rocky summit with expansive summit views of Lake Winnipesaukee.
  • Extremely popular summit accessible by multiple trails including the Mount Major Trail, the Brook Trail, and the Boulder Loop.
"Parking lot was already almost full when my pup and I arrived at 8:45 am. We headed up the Brook Trail to try and avoid some of the crowds headed up and were mildly successful. Trails were eroded but other than that looking good. For all the cars at the bottom the summit wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. Still, we only stopped there for 10-15 min before heading over to Straightback for some solitude. We only saw 1 other hiker out there the rest of the day." - HikeLikeMike, Aug 13, 2017
"After Straightback, and some more confusion, we went over and did Major. Still socked in the clouds. Minimal snow on this hike. We reached the parking lot 30 minutes after the other group. It was a great hike and meeting other AMC people. " - newenglandwarrior, Apr 22, 2017
"Hiked over from Straightback peak along the BRT trail. Had not seen a soul along North and South Straightback, but had a handful on Majors peak. Great views of lakes and enjoyed a snack near old shelter to brake wind. Then headed down Boulder trail be kept to parking lot. " - blackwolf_03278, Feb 19, 2017
"Thanksgiving family hike! First hike for my youngest! We were lucky to have the view right before the snow began! It was a busy day on the mountain for families...we had a great time!" - shay-shay, Nov 24, 2016
"Spent the day visiting the summits of some fun little peaks in the Belknap range. After doing Belknap and Gunstock I relocated to the MT Major trailhead on RT 11. Whoa I went from a nice quiet small parking lot to Disney World,many cars and many hikers. Next I made the mistake of taking the Mt Major trail. One of the worse trails I have ever walked on. You are literally walking in a narrow three foot deep trench in one spot. Major need of serious trail work. Fortunately the summit wasn't too crowded. Open top allowed for a broad view of the lake and peaks." - Nimblefoot, Aug 29, 2016



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