5,367 ft / 1,636 m


466 ft / 142 m


309 summits

Top climbing months

July   21%

June   18%

August   14%

Most climbed route

Valley Way Trail

"Hiked with Bob. Weather was good. Some occasional clouds but the summits remained clear. Temps in the 30s wind 20 or so. Met quite a few through hikers going in both directions. Tough climb but the views were incredible!" - kevin-kilpatrick, Sep 30, 2018
"Began the Presidential Traverse on 08/22 but the weather was too bad to attempt the summit. Stayed overnight at the Madison Springs Hut and made the summit the next morning. It was much nicer then but very windy." - dmcosker, Aug 23, 2018
"My first peaks above treeline for November and also helps a lot for my 6th loop. Encountered a bunch of redliners on the way up Valley Way. Some blowdown damage from the Oct 29-30 storm but not bad. Beautiful day to be up. No ice encountered. " - newenglandwarrior, Nov 8, 2017
"Beautiful day for a hike! Up the Valley Way Trail to the Madison Springs Hut, dropped a few non-essentials on my bunk, and headed the .5 miles to the summit. Afterwards, walked up to Star Lake for the beautiful views, had a great dinner, then did a little star gazing before settling in. Up in the morning to almost catch the sunrise - clear views to Mt. Washington and undercast clouds in the valley. I love staying in the huts when I can afford them, you can experience more of the mountains when there's no rush to get back to the car." - PJSelmer, Sep 18, 2017
"Valley Way to Osgood, the whole way up and down. Trail is in good shape, we snowshoed it. But used spikes on Osgood. Brilliant blue skies. Hardly a breeze. Sat at the hut and basked in the sun for quite a while." - Alohabuffy, Mar 26, 2017



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