5,367 ft / 1,635 m


466 ft / 142 m


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July   21%

June   18%

August   14%

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Valley Way Trail

"My first peaks above treeline for November and also helps a lot for my 6th loop. Encountered a bunch of redliners on the way up Valley Way. Some blowdown damage from the Oct 29-30 storm but not bad. Beautiful day to be up. No ice encountered. " - newenglandwarrior, Nov 8, 2017
"Beautiful day for a hike! Up the Valley Way Trail to the Madison Springs Hut, dropped a few non-essentials on my bunk, and headed the .5 miles to the summit. Afterwards, walked up to Star Lake for the beautiful views, had a great dinner, then did a little star gazing before settling in. Up in the morning to almost catch the sunrise - clear views to Mt. Washington and undercast clouds in the valley. I love staying in the huts when I can afford them, you can experience more of the mountains when there's no rush to get back to the car." - PJSelmer, Sep 18, 2017
"Valley Way to Osgood, the whole way up and down. Trail is in good shape, we snowshoed it. But used spikes on Osgood. Brilliant blue skies. Hardly a breeze. Sat at the hut and basked in the sun for quite a while." - Alohabuffy, Mar 26, 2017
"AWESOME day with beautiful skies, temps in the 40's and sun. Couldn't have asked for a better day in February in the presidentials! This was a meetup group hike with the AMC. We got a late start and slower travels so I had hoped to bag Adams too but it wasn't in the cards....another day! " - shay-shay, Feb 22, 2017
"Solo. First peak of my northern presidential traverse. Took Valley Way from Appalachia and then Watson Path to the summit. Winds were 60-70 mph at the summit and visibility was non-existent. Luckily, the conditions would get a little bit better for the rest of the day. " - LGH-Tom, Oct 19, 2016



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