9,148 ft / 2,788 m


2,088 ft / 636 m


18 summits

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June   27%

July   16%

August   16%

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Mt Lola trail

"Third time's a charm! I had been out on this trail twice in 2016 but hadn't made it to the summit due to snow. We had a nice cool morning start (37 degrees around 8:30). After getting to the Mt. Lola summit, I tagged Peak 8844, the Sierra County high point. Nice weather, but there was some smoke and haze in the air. On the way down, we ran into a woman who had two large but friendly goat-rams. Super cute!" - kaylam87, Sep 9, 2017
"Got a late Start in the Afternoon after Dealing with a Flat Tire and Rental Car Exchange. My First time in that area but sure not the last.It is also the Highpoint of the Nevada County." - Nuernberger, Jun 8, 2015
"Hiked up to Cold Spring Meadow then started to lose the trail in snow. Went cross country straight up to the north ridge the on to the summit. Tagged North Lola, Sierra Co. HP on the return. " - Christopher, May 31, 2015
"lots of snow on the upper trail, even in mid-August, given the north-facing aspect. also lots of mosquitoes, but a great view of the north side of the Castle Peak region all the way to Lassen in the north" - hauteroute, Aug 13, 2011



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