14,293 ft / 4,357 m

#10 in Colorado

#32 in United States


3,862 ft / 1,177 m

#9 in Colorado

#187 in United States


151 summits

#10 in Colorado

#94 in United States

Top climbing months

July   31%

August   29%

September  10%


  • Mount Lincoln is the highest Colorado 14er in the Mosquito Range and lies just east of the Continental Divide.
  • Many climbers attempt to combine the summit of Lincoln with those of Bross and Democrat in one climb.
  • Typically climbed from the east, starting at the Roberts Road Trailhead off of Colorado Highway 9. Multiple routes ascend from this trailhead, all starting along the Quartzville Creek Jeep Trail.
  • The shortest route climbs 3,000 feet in 3.5 miles, with the upper part of the route involving hiking on broken granite and shale.