58.5 mi to summit

62.8 mi total


5,784 ft start

8,870 ft max


10,840 ft gain


14 hr 26 min to summit

15 hr 33 min total

Third peak of the Castle Peak 100K. After summiting Crow's Nest, we navigated the craziest, most insane part of any race I've ever done. We ran down on the backside of Mount Disney, traversing across the scree field in the general direction of Mount Lincoln. Eventually we would begin climbing, cross back over to the frontside of the ridge, and pick our way through the rocks across the top. Needless to say, the going was slow. We finally reached the bottom of the climb in earnest, where a series of fixed ropes would aid our ascent to the summit. The 1.5 mile section would take nearly 45 minutes, and by the time we reached the summit I was spent. I had to sit for a few minutes sipping ginger ale and energy gels before I could continue. The views were incredible.

Route name

Mount Lincoln 62.8 mi route


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Key gear

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wow this was an epic. that last pic says it all.