8,396 ft / 2,559 m


493 ft / 150 m


23 summits

Top climbing months

July   26%

June   13%

May   13%

Most climbed route

Dawson Saddle

"Great summer day on Angeles Crest Highway. High temperature briefly reached 70 degrees. A perfect day for peak climbing, unfortunately I didn't choose the hardest ones to do today, but still decent challenges, such as Mount Lewis. The trail is short and steep and worth the effort." - Peak-Conquistador, Aug 16, 2017
"Very short but steep hike up a use trail behind the large shack at Dawson Saddle. Trail is slippery due to steepness and often loose soil, so be careful. Quick 500' elevation gain. Very forested on the summit with lovely Jeffrey Pines." - brianpowell, Sep 24, 2016
"After Climbing both Winston Peak and Mt. Akawie, we drove down to Mt. Lewis and Climbed it too. It was a steep but very fun short climb with some crazy winds up top and a beautiful sunset to put great cap on our trip up here. I unfortunately left one of my favorite shirt up there. Mt. Lewis is peak #62 of my 100 in 2014 goal." - 1-with-Nature, Aug 25, 2014



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