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Catalina Highway


  • Mount Lemmon is in the Santa Catalina Mountains located in the Coronado National Forest north of Tucson, Arizona.
  • At the peak of Mount Lemmon is an astronomical observatory.
  • Unfortunately for hikers, the Catalina Highway, also called the Mount Lemmon Highway, runs up the Santa Catalina Mountains from the east side of Tucson up to the summit.
  • A dirt access road to the summit on the "back side" of Mount Lemmon offers a secondary route to the top.
"With snow on the ground above 5500 feet, I arrived at the parking lot of Ski Valley around 2:00 pm. The 1.7 mile road hike up to the observatory went by quickly and I arrived at the gated area around the telescopes around 2:25 pm. Not paying attention on the way up to the telescopes I walked right by the summit trailhead near the last parking area at the gate. So after backtracking a short distance from the telescopes and not seeing an obvious trail I ended up just going cross country across from the parking lot. In spite of the snow it appeared there was a vague trail heading off here towards" - LZ, Dec 20, 2015
"Arrived in Tuscon, today from Salt Lake International Airport to visit a friend of mine and help him out with different projects. Later in the afternoon we drove up Catalina Highway/General Hitchcock Highway/ Mt. Lemmon Highway all the way, as far as we could, to the summit. Beautiful scenery and area. I can't believe the damage that still exists from the Aspen Fire of 2003! " - CamminatoreAFK, May 13, 2012
"A huge storm hit overnight dusting everything down to around 4,000ft! My original plan of driving to the summit, then doing a reverse summit hike down to Wilderness Rocks and back was too difficult with ~3inches of fresh snow and no snow shoes, so I parked at the ski lodged and trudged up the unplowed road the rest of the way." - Christopher, Nov 5, 2011
"Made this summit multiple times, first time was many years ago. Took the Phone Line trail from Sabino Canyon parking lot all the way up with my friend Steve. Wives met us at the tops with our bikes and we biked all the way down. Pics are from multiple trips." - bsargus, Nov 18, 1998



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