6,593 ft / 2,010 m


1,360 ft / 415 m


68 summits

Top climbing months

June   20%

April   18%

October   13%

Most climbed route

Alum Cave Bluff Trail


  • 3rd highest peak in the Great Smoky National Park (after Clingmans Dome and Mount Guyot).
  • Highest peak completely within Tennessee
  • One of the highest peaks in the Appalachian Mountains rising 5,301 ft from its base near Gatlinburg, Tennessee
  • LeConte Lodge lies on top of the mountain, the highest inn in the eastern United States.
  • Has 4 sub-peaks above 6,000 ft on the "LeConte massif": West Point (6,344 ft), High Top (6,593 ft), Cliff Tops (6,555 ft), and Myrtle Point (6,200 ft).
  • 5 trails that lead to the LeConte Lodge and spur trails lead to each of its 4 peaks



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