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"This was a cold, misty day and the Ceanothus were blooming. I couldn't see the summit from below as it was covered in the clouds. I reached the summit and signed the register. I went down the steep trail from the summit. It was steep with a lot of loose footing. Be careful heading down this way." - rickb, May 1, 2018
"On this hike, I was more excited to get started rather than being prepared. After one mile into the hike, I decided to check on my water, only to find that I had just a half bottle. "No problem" I thought, since I don't usually guzzle a lot of water anyway. This seemed fine until I went up the fairly discernible use trail after leaving the Strawberry-Lawlor Saddle. Some of it involved scrambling and climbing over large rocks, but nothing too extreme. Most of the elevation gain occurs on the climb from the saddle as well. Since I am still trying to work myself back into shape, I took seated bre" - Peak-Conquistador, Aug 5, 2017
"Went up the traditional route (along the trail to the Strawberry-Lawlor Saddle, then up the use trail to the summit). There were a couple of slightly technical rocky parts toward the summit but nothing too complicated especially if you have good trekking poles. For the descent, I dubiously decided to take the firebreak down the south face. It's doable (obviously, because I did it...) but it is *really* steep, has a *lot* of scree (there were parts where sliding, carefully, was the only option), and Spanish Bayonet everywhere. There are parts where getting stabbed by those bayonets is una" - walterplittle, Jul 15, 2017
"I did an interesting hike-and-bike loop in the Angeles NF. I stashed my road bike on the Angeles Crest at the bottom of the Barley Flats Road (the gate was closed) then jumped in the car and drove to the Colby Canyon TH. From there I set out on foot to Josephine Saddle then up the fire road to Josephine Peak. I then retraced my steps back to the saddle then over to Strawberry Peak, climbing the cl. 3 West Ridge. From there it was a straight-forward but steep hike down than up to Mt. Lawlor. The hardest part of the traverse was the segment between Lawlor and Barley Flats - it was very overgrown" - klotito, Jun 4, 2017
"My buddy and I Started from the 2 on the Strawberry Peak Trail which was very nice on a gorgeous morning. We then cut off the trail early to go straight up the south slope of the mountain rather then the north west slope that people usually take up. It was a tough precarious climb in spots but it was fun and we eventually made the summit. #69 of my 100 in 2014 Goal. From here we headed down the North west side which was very fun and then went up Strawberry Peak." - 1-with-Nature, Sep 22, 2014



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