2,073 ft / 632 m


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April   33%

March   16%

May   16%

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"The perfect day and night for a Mt Larcom summit sunset to sunrise climb for Anzac day! The weather was perfect, the temperature and wind speed on the summit perfect.... not too cold (weather forecast min. 18'C) and not too windy (max 23km/hr). Considering the weight )17kg) in my hiking backpack, the climb was completed in good time (approx 80min)... a careful, casual hike. Normal time approx. 61 minutes. " - Maria, Apr 24, 2016
"The highlight of my week, every week. Another warm, pleasant solo hike up the mountain rewarded with peaceful bliss on the summit. The mountain never disappoints. Always something new to see. " - Maria, Apr 20, 2016


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