14,026 ft / 4,275 m


1,165 ft / 355 m


81 summits

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August   27%

June   22%

September  21%

"We made it! Hiked to lake 3 and camped the first night. Made it to the summit the second day and camped again at lake 3. We had beautiful weather for the whole trip up and down. Summit day took us 11 hours. We struggled with the last mile or so before the summit (altitude and scree), but we made it...third 14er!!!" - DoyleWalton, Aug 14, 2017
"After a long 5 hours of thunderstorms in my trekking-pole-pitched 3 season lightweight tent the night before, woke up to beautiful, clear weather on Sunday. Went up New Army Pass and then followed the newly reconstructed/cairned NPS trail to the summit. Felt pretty good for 14000', maybe some Nepal acclimatization stuck around." - edg, Jun 14, 2015
"After climbing The Major General i met Tyler and the rest of our group on the summit of Langley. It was a great hike with fun people, and a great way to celebrate Tylers birthday." - DerekJayRichardson, Aug 17, 2014
"For my birthday some close friends of mine and the girlfriend joined me for a backpack to Muir lake. After a day of relaxation and acclimation at the lake on day 2 we made the climb up Old Army Pass. Along the way up w saw 22 big horn sheep and had a fun climb and fun time on the summit together. My 2nd time up here and peak #58 of my 100 in 2014 goal. From there my buddy and I climbed Cirque Peak and then went down New Army Pass for a naked swim in High Lake before returning to camp at Muir Lake." - 1-with-Nature, Aug 17, 2014
"Did this as a solo day trip. A tiring trip to Old Army Pass. Old Army was clear and snow free. However, by the time I got to the top is was all cloudy and muggy preventing any real photos from being taken. Mt. Whitney was large and in charge from here." - Irrationalist, Sep 13, 2013



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