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"Wow! My last backpacking trip of the summer was great. On Saturday we hiked six miles from the Cottonwood Lakes TH to Long Lake, where we set up camp. Sunday was summit day. We set out at 8 am and hiked up New Army Pass. A ways after the pass, the elevation started slowing me down. I put on my headphones for some musical motivation. After lots of short breaks I made it to the summit after hiking for a little bit over four hours. The views were great, and we took pictures and had lunch before heading back down and getting back to camp around four. On Monday we hiked out and rewarded ourselves w" - kaylam87, Sep 2, 2018
"My first 14er. Started at 3 am and one of the connecting trails was washed out from heavy rain a few days before. The road was even closed the day before the hike due to mudslides. Finding the washed out trail added on extra miles and we ended up with a 29 mile day hike. Refill your water before you begin the summit. Once above the tree line it is very barren and dry; you will not be able to refill your water until you climb down and reach the Cottenwood Lakes. After 23 miles I had to stop my Garmin watch to save battery and at least record steps. 60,000 steps. " - firesoren90, Aug 4, 2018
"Good, tough/strenuous hike as it should be for any 14'er! Tstorms happened in the valley as i hit the top of the peak and adequately terrified me, but i kept going and peaked out. Quite a fun day hike." - kirbyhays, Jul 14, 2018
"My first fourteener. Finally. Day hike in perfect, mild weather. Not a cloud in the sky and only windy at the summit. Incredibly not assaulted by so much as a single insect. Plenty of water available before you start ascending out of New or Old Army Pass. Camped at the trailhead the night before and unfortunately didn't get nearly enough sleep due snoring and some chatter from nearby campers. I'm sure the elevation didn't help. The numbers do not do this one justice. On paper it's a milk run. In reality I was beaten down by the time my painful feet made it back to the trailhead. No" - JustinB, Jul 4, 2018
"We made it! Hiked to lake 3 and camped the first night. Made it to the summit the second day and camped again at lake 3. We had beautiful weather for the whole trip up and down. Summit day took us 11 hours. We struggled with the last mile or so before the summit (altitude and scree), but we made it...third 14er!!!" - DoyleWalton, Aug 14, 2017



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