7,309 ft / 2,227 m


7,309 ft / 2,228 m


44 summits

Top climbing months

November   17%

January   17%

March   15%

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via Thredbo


  • Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia (not including its external territories).
  • Located in the Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park.
  • Mount Kosciuszko is not particularly difficult to climb. There's a road to Charlotte Pass, from which it's an 5 mile walk up a path to the summit. The peak may also be approached from Thredbo, which is a shorter 4 miles and supported by a chairlift year-round.
" I got to the summit of 6 mountains in 11 hours. Etheridge Ridge 2180m (5th Highest Mountain in Australia) Mt Kosciuszko 2228m (Highest Mountain in Australia) Rams Head North 2177m (6th Highest Mountain in Australia) Rams Head 2193m (4th Highest Mountain in Australia) Rams Head South 2052m Name Unknown 2000m " - danielnewtoninvestigator, Nov 8, 2014
"We rode up as far as you are allowed and then walked to the summit. Crazy to think that this was summer and I remember hearing someone say wind chill factor of -4 or somewhere around that figure." - Dingo-Jace, Dec 29, 2010
"This was part of my outdoor guiding course. We hiked from Guthega to Charlottes pass. On a later date a friend and I hiked to the top. Be warned of the sun it beats hard up here." - adameco, Nov 15, 2006



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