17,057 ft / 5,199 m

#1 in Central

#1 in Kenya


12,549 ft / 3,825 m

#1 in Central

#1 in Kenya


13 summits

#1 in Central

#1 in Kenya

Top climbing months

January   26%

July   20%

December   20%

Most climbed route

Naro Moru route


  • Batian is the highest summit of Mount Kenya (Kirinyaga) at 5199 m
  • There is no walking route up to the summit of Batian Peak, all routes involve technical ice or rock climbing. There are several walking approach routes to the mountain.
  • The main approach route from the west is the Naro Moru route. Almost as popular and more beautiful is the Chogoria route from the east.
  • There are several technical routes to the summit of Batian. One of the most frequently attempted routes is the Normal Route via Nelion south ridge, SE face then Gates of the Mist to the summit, graded UIAA IV-.