5,087 ft / 1,550 m


647 ft / 197 m




4 summits

Top climbing months

October   50%

June   25%

July   25%

Most climbed route

Alice Lakes

"I went with 3 other hikers who frequent these trails and roads on the south side of I-90 in the Snoqualmie Valley. We went up the main McClellan Butte trail to 4600 ft where the trail first hits the watershed boundary. Going down and SE, we found a forest service road, and followed that south around a large hill. We then cut east into the woods to find the two Alice Lakes. We skirted clockwise around the south lake, then straight up a steep slope to the ridgeline. The ridge is very narrow, but easy to follow SE up to the peak at 5087 ft. Coming down we went further on the ridge and desce" - markgarrett, Jun 12, 2016


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