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"Got to the Baxster State Park gate at 5:45 and was six in line. I was at the roaring book parking area at 6:25 and on the trail by 6:30. I decided to hike up the Hamlin Ridge Trail to start the day because I figured everyone else would be going up Helon Taylor to start their trip. I didn't see a single person on the entire way to Hamlin or on the summit. It was socked in at the summit of Hamlin and quite windy, luckily that would all end on my way over to Baxster Peak. Hamlin was my 113th summit towards the actual Northeast 115. " - LGH-Tom, Sep 29, 2017
"Amazing trip to Baxter State Park...what an amazing day! Up Helon Taylor to Pamola, over Chimney to Knifes Edge, over South Peak to Baxter Peak. Then we decided to go over the ridge to Hamlin in order to work on my NE 67." - shay-shay, Sep 8, 2017
"See Katahdin, Baxter for preface to this report. After hanging out on Baxter Peak for half an hour or so, Chad and I made or way across the Tablelands toward Hamlin Peak. The Tablelands are absolutely beautiful! I had no idea what was in store for us, but I had a hard time looking at where my feet were suppose to go because I just wanted to look around. The ascent to Hamlin was very enjoyable, and much more quiet (a good thing) than the semi-craziness over at Baxter peak. The view from the summit of Hamlin is every bit as good, if not better, than the view from Baxter. I was happier in this mo" - npweeks, Jun 27, 2015
"This was the grand finale of my NE67 list! I'd planned on soloing this but a good friend rode up and camped with me (she doesn't hike). I was on the trail by myself until 2 other hikers caught up to me on the slide. We hiked all the way to Hamlin then they continued to Baxter (I'd already been there). Later on the way down I met up with a hiker from the UK who had done a loop over Baxter and Hamlin. He and I hiked all the way out to the cars. What a great day! Wish I had their email addresses!" - Jocelyn, Sep 17, 2014



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