8,245 ft / 2,513 m


28 summits

Top climbing months

August   20%

October   16%

July   16%

Most climbed route

PCT & Mt Judah loop trail

"Fourth and final summit of the Castle Peak 100K. What an insult! After the hairy climb of Mount Lincoln, we would shoot down the scree and then begin a long steady climb up to the Judah Summit. With less than three miles to the finish I just wanted to be done, but once at the top I was grateful we got to take in one last peak. Light was fading fast, but we would bomb down the mountain to Judah Lodge just in time to finish without needing to break out the headlamps. 62ish miles, 15.5 hours, somewhere around 13K feet of climbing for the day. 150 people started, roughly 100 would finish, an" - rsnipes, Aug 18, 2018
"Nice little hike on Saturday afternoon. Pretty good dusting of snow left up there from earlier in the week. Some slush at the top and harder snow in the shade. Brought microspikes but didn't use them. Sunny and cool day." - kaylam87, Sep 23, 2017
"A family group of 11 did a fun hike of the Mt Judah loop from Donner Lake road. It was smokey over Lake Tahoe, couldn't even see the shoreline nother mind the mountains, so we headed over to the Donner Lake area. Ice cream and sherbert at the Little Donner Lake creamery on our way back." - Nimblefoot, Jul 19, 2017
"Somehow managed this one at the end of May without snowshoes. Got slightly lost on the Sugar Bowl slopes, but GPS helps a lot. http://www.trailspotting.com/2008/01/mount-judah.html" - trailspotting, May 1, 2007


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