13,398 ft / 4,084 m


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July   100%

"Tried to do this and Mt. Sill as a 3 day trip via Elinore Lake and Scimitar Pass. There was rain all 3 days. Rain makes the creeks in the area quite intense to cross, in fact, we weren't even able to cross the South Fork on the main trail to Bernard Lake day 1. There is substantial route finding needed to get to Elinore Lake, especially so if the creeks are overflowing. Mosquitos are everywhere on the way to the Elinore and are at the lake as well. Scimitar Pass is easy to find and requires no exposure or real climbing, it is however very exhausting. We had 12 hours day 2 to get up the pass to" - Irrationalist, Jul 3, 2015


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