5,712 ft / 1,741 m


741 ft / 225 m


328 summits

Top climbing months

July   25%

August   17%

June   15%

Most climbed route

Caps Ridge Trail

"Did this as part of a Presidential Traverse where the summits were finished in 24 hrs. Gps died and tracking was limited It was dark at this point. Needed a head lamp. Less a trail and more a giant boulder field" - Irrationalist, Jul 18, 2018
"When up Castle trail, down via Israel Ridge. Nice day for a hike. Lots of people at the summit. Nice view across Castle Ravine from Israel Ridge toward the Castellated Ridge." - Alohabuffy, Jul 29, 2017
"Strangely hot and humid for the first couple of miles. Really took it out of us. Settled for lunch and exploring the Castellated Ridge. That area is awesome. We had a lot of fun despite not hitting Mt Jefferson." - Alohabuffy, Jun 18, 2017
"Crazy weekend finishing my winter presidentials for the season. 20-30 degrees, full sun and no clouds...throw in no wind and it was an incredible day. We head out on Jewell on snowshoes until we hit the last summit climb to Jefferson where we switched to spikes. Crampons on the way down from Jefferson and then spikes again over Adams 5 and up to Mount Adams. Crampons on the backside of Adams and then spikes again. We hit Quincy as well and then went to the hut to wait for the other half of our group who also summited Madison (we didnt need it). " - shay-shay, Mar 19, 2017
"Myself and a friend went up Jewell Tr and then over to tag Jefferson. It was a sunny day with no wind until the summit. We were quite warm from the sunshine which slowed us down. This was my last peak for my NH48W. We then decided to head over to Washington." - newenglandwarrior, Feb 21, 2017



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