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  • Mount Isolation is a 4000-footer in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains.
  • Mount Isolation is the highest peak on the Montalban Ridge which extends south from Boott Spur.
  • Lies deep in the Dry River Wilderness and is one of the most remote White Mountain peaks.
  • Mount Isolation is the second shortest New Hampshire 4000 Footer, just one foot taller than Mt. Tecumseh, the shortest.
"The plan was for our group to check out the Alpine Gardens, but with the weather being iffy, we went to Isolation instead via Glen Boulder Tr. Steep climb. Weather wasn't the greatest for being above treeline. Cloudy and windy. We went over to Isolation and Sarah H picked up her 47th NH48. At this point, the weather was much nicer and it was beautiful on the return. Great hike for the 7 of us. " - newenglandwarrior, Jun 8, 2018
"Rocky branch to the bushwhack though the birch glade. So beautiful. No tracks so we made our own. Ran into a few sketchy river crossings with thin ice and fast moving water. The summit was cloud free but chilly...we enjoyed the views of the presidential s for about 3 minutes. Amazing day!" - shay-shay, Jan 18, 2018
"Tough day of hiking overall. My first time hiking in icy/snowy conditions, but I must say... microspikes are AWESOME! We got a late start, didn't get on the trail until 10:15 so we descended in the dark. Lots of blowdowns along the Isolation Trail just before the intersection with Davis Path. Views from the summit were stunning." - kpreston21, Nov 11, 2017
"In a red-lining effort and Grid effort, I went up to Isolation via Glen Boulder Tr. Nice trail. I then followed the Davis Path and dropped down to Isolation. A bunch of people finishing their NH48 on Isolation that day." - newenglandwarrior, Sep 23, 2017
"I had decided the night before that I was going climb the Glen Boulder trail on the way up just because I wanted to see it. This ended up being a poor choice solely because of the wind I experienced above tree line. The forecast the day before said winds would be 10-20 mph, but I was definitely in 40mph winds with 50-60mph gusts. I continued on after Glen Boulder up to the Davis Path. Everything up there above 4500' was covered in rime ice and frost. I quickly descended along the Davis Path down below the tree line where I was able to pick up the pace again. I made my way over to the summit of" - LGH-Tom, Sep 1, 2017



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