8,250 ft / 2,514 m


662 ft / 201 m


86 summits

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May   15%

July   12%

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Islip Saddle

"Lovely peak. Just a jaunt up from the Little Jimmy campground. Got up this one with HPS peaks South Mount Hawkins, Mount Hawkins, Throop Peak, Mount Burnham, and Baden-Powell." - JustinB, Apr 26, 2018
"This was my 2nd ascent of Islip. The first was the harder route from Crystal Lake Campground, but this time, I came up from Islip Saddle (6,650') on Angeles Crest Hwy. This route is moderately easy. I took Pacific Crest Trail to Little Jimmy Campground, and from the rear of the camp, I took the Islip Trail to the summit. I relaxed a while on the summit, and descended to Windy Gap and took the Pacific Crest Trail to Mt. Hawkins (8,850') and returned to Islip Saddle afterwards. I also wanted to get to Throop Peak (9,138'), Mt. Burnham (8,997') and Mt. Baden-Powell (9,399'), a 17-18 mi round" - brianpowell, Sep 9, 2017
"Neat hike up Windy Gap Trail- 2,400' elev. gain from Crystal Lake Campground. Most of the forest was burnt in recent years. But, there are still nice pockets of it here and there. Lovely Sugar Pines, Jeffrey Pines, and White Firs at Windy Gap (ca. 7,600')." - brianpowell, Aug 1, 2015
"Went up from Crystal Lake with 2 of my buddies and 18 Beers! We got stoned off our ass and hiked up through the Cedar fire aftermath. Got a good buzz and enjoyed the views from up top. Bummer we had such a hot week and all the snow had melted quickly. this was my 3rd time up here and the #15 of my 100 in 2014 Goal. " - 1-with-Nature, Feb 16, 2014
"Joined up with OCHC sponsored hike to Mt Islip after early Hawkins-Copter Ridge warm-up hike. TH was Windy Gap (Hwy 2 mile-marker 66.38), route from Windy Gap Trail to PCT, then Islip Peak trail; 2.8 miles r/t with ~1,000' gain total." - BradStemm, Sep 14, 2013



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