8,057 ft / 2,456 m


8,057 ft / 2,456 m


9 summits

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May   50%

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September  20%


  • The most prominent peak in Greece. The 2456 meters of prominence place Psiloritis at the 109th place worldwide among 340,000 peaks.
  • Highest mountain on Crete
  • E4 European trail heads over its summit
"Friday 14th September 2018. An ascent of Psiloritis (Ψηλορείτης) (Mount Ida) 2456m/2456m, Psiloritis Range, Central Crete, Hellas, from Lakkos Migerou Refuge, near Livadia. 10.3km, with 920m of ascent. 6 hours 55mins. Psiloritis, at 2456 metres, is the highest mountain on the island of Crete, and also the most prominent mountain in the country - see at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Ida_(Crete). Its summit is located along a ridge stretching west to east, of which over 6 kilometres is above the 2000 metre contour. A rough little church, with dry-stone walls, has been constructe" - marktrengove, Sep 14, 2018



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