13,986 ft / 4,263 m


2,563 ft / 781 m


10 summits

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August   40%

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July   20%

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SW Slope/NW Face


  • Mount Humphreys is in the Sierra Nevada and the highest peak in the Bishop area.
  • Just missing the 14,000 ft mark, it does make the cut for the Sierra Clubs Emblem Peaks challenge.
"First day we hiked from North Lake to Humphreys Basin. After setting up camp, we hiked up Checkered Demon. Following day we followed the standard route. Roped up for two pitches of class 4. Rappelled off preexisting rap station with barely enough rope. Hiked out in the dark" - seancasserly, Aug 27, 2017
"Did it as a day hike...talk about tough! 13 hours starting from North Lake TH, traversing cross country from Paiute Pass, and up. Branch Whitney knowing the route helped a lot. That class 4 coulier was great. Whoever set up the rappel stations did a great job. This is a "one and done" for me...at least as a one day hike." - acekelly, Aug 31, 2016
"Hiked up from the East Side, McGree Creek trailhead on a very, very warm day. The hike is mostly cross country with only the first half mile being on trail. Reached Lake 10,981, ditched most of the gear and continued and climbed the entire East Ridge which was all Class 3, 4, and 5. Got off-route a couple times and not wanting to back track, I solo'd up a couple long sections of maybe 5.9'ish to low 5.10 fins and cracks. All in all, a very long day on a beautiful mountain with beautiful rock and beautiful scenery." - DrBoz, Jul 13, 2014



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