11,249 ft / 3,428 m


7,706 ft / 2,348 m




105 summits

Top climbing months

June   29%

May   28%

July   15%

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  • Mount Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon and the fourth highest in the Cascade Range.
  • A stratovolcano considered the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt. Active sulfur boiling vents dot the mountain.
  • Located about 50 miles from Portland, Oregon, it has convenient access and minimal technical climbing challenges.
  • Home to 12 glaciers and very frequently climbed with about 10,000 people attempting to summit every year.
  • The most popular route, called the South Route, begins at Timberline Lodge and proceeds up Palmer Glacier.
"Timberline to summit via Old Chute. Bergschrund started below Pearly Gates, but ended just below the Old Chute. Snow on Old Chute in good shape, but there is extreme rock fall danger. Be aware of parties above and below you. We brought a rope, pickets, and ice screws as well, but we really only needed our helmets, ixe axes, and crampons." - mathiasricken, Aug 20, 2017
"1 AM departure from the parking lot, 12:30 PM return, mainly due to a logjam in the Pearly Gates (ascent) and Old Chute Variation (setting up anchors for cautious belay). The conditions could not have been more perfect (no wind, firm snow, clear skies with a gorgeous moon). Some parts would have had less pucker-factor with an ice tool in addition to ice axe." - TynanRammGranberg, Jun 5, 2017
"Left Timberline Lodge at 1am. Ascended via the pearly gates. Descended on some old chute variation. Bergshrund was manageable with a snow bridge. Perfect conditions throughout the day. " - seancasserly, Jun 5, 2017
"We had a successful holiday weekend!! Knowing that we would be climbing on one of the busiest days of the year on Mount Hood, we left Vegas right after work on Thursday night & drove straight through to Timberline Lodge, arriving a bit before noon on Friday. We scoped out the route and had a bite to eat, then tried to get some sleep in the busy parking lot. The plan was originally to start at 10pm Friday night, so we could take our time and avoid the crowds. Jodie insisted that we go at 11pm instead. Fine. We didn't really sleep well. I was up at 8pm and Amber was up not too long after " - Kevin, May 27, 2017
"Left parking lot at 1:30 with temps around 30*, pushed hard to Wilcox hut at 2:30, top of Palmer at 3:30. Then caught teams going up just a few bucket lines which slowed progress. Made Devils Kitchen at 4:30 then up hogsback and through the right line on the Pearly Gates for summit at 5:20am. Light winds temps on summit around 25*. Great buckets around the bergschrund and up the gates. Downclimbed the left line of the Pearly Gates and took advantage of some glissade chutes to end up at the parking lot again by 7:30. " - oregon-mt-goat, May 26, 2017



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