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Pacific Crest Trail

"Took Dawson Saddle trail to Throop then down to Hawkins, then backpacked over to spend the night at Little Jimmy. Took the trail to the Little Jimmy service road, then went down to Hwy. 2 and shuttled back to the Dawson Saddle trailhead." - joecaveness, Sep 8, 2018
"A 3-Peaker day today. Leaving from Dawson Saddle, climbed past Throop to summit Mt Burnham first, then over to Mt Hawkins (then finishing with Throop). The PCT that connects the 3 is super-easy to follow." - marc, Jul 22, 2018
"After visiting Throop Peak, I continued on to Mount Hawkins on the PCT. I am very familiar with Mount Hawkins as Peakery saw fit to name me a summit steward of it. I didn't stay long as I was eager to get started on my descent to Copter Ridge. However, with summit stewardship comes responsibility. So after coming back from Copter Ridge, I made sure everything was in "ship shape" before leaving the peak for a second time." - Peak-Conquistador, May 5, 2018
"This was my 2nd summit of Hawkins, but from a different way. The first was from Dawson Saddle, over Throop Peak, then to a car shuttle at Islip Saddle. This time, I hiked out and back from Islip Saddle, over Mt. Islip's summit, down to Windy Gap, then to Hawkins, making it about 12 mi. round trip. It was a bit tougher this time. I had a 5 peak plan (17-18 mi. round trip) this day. I wanted to summit Islip, Hawkins, Throop, Burnham, and Baden-Powell. But for some reason, my body was not having it, so I turned back after Hawkins. Omitting Islip, the hike is about 11 mi .round trip and abo" - brianpowell, Sep 9, 2017
"Sencond peak of two on this day. I Hiked up to Throop Peak (9,138') from Dawson Saddle; then, I took Pacific Crest Trail to a narrow use trail to summit of Hawkins. After relaxing on the summit, I went down to Windy Gap and then down past Little Jimmy Trail Camp, then to Islip Saddle. Abundant lovely Lodgepole Pines and several gorgeous Limber Pines ascending Throop Peak, along the way to Hawkins, and then for some distance along PCT to just before Windy Gap." - brianpowell, Jul 9, 2016



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