9,556 ft / 2,912 m


152 ft / 46 m


67 summits

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June   26%

July   17%

September  16%

Most climbed route

Devils backbone Trail

"5 minute side trip tag on the way down from Baldy. Further down Devils Backbone we witnessed a helicopter rescue of three people who somehow managed to get way off trail on a ledge above very loose and very steep terrain on the south side of the trail right at the crux. Incredible skill and execution by the SAR team." - edg, May 30, 2016
"Ski lift trail to Baldy; onward north to Dawson and Pine and back up to Baldy (2x today; we skirted the summit of Dawson on the return from Pine, so only one summit of Dawson); then back to the Baldy Lodge grabbing Harwood on the way, where we saw two bighorn sheep. Back down to Manker Flats via the service road." - HikerMark, Jun 27, 2015
"My First Time up the Devil's backbone trail and I was so stoked on how cool it was! I was on my way up to summit Baldy for the 1st time and I had to bag Harwood while I was at it. There were very high bone chilling winds up top. It was my first lesson to be prepared for any weather on top a summit regardless of the forecast that day." - 1-with-Nature, Jun 12, 2010



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