9,556 ft / 2,913 m


152 ft / 46 m


77 summits

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June   28%

July   19%

September  15%

Most climbed route

Devils backbone Trail

"Drove up from Vegas to catch a couple of Dodgers games. Of course we had to hike too! We took Register Ridge up and Baldy Bowl Trail down. Hit Harwood, Baldy, West Baldy and Gold Ridge Mine Overlook." - Kevin, Jul 8, 2018
"The first stop on my 4 peak loop tour of the Mt Baldy area. Diverted from the Devil's Backbone Trail on the way up to Baldy from the Ski Lodge. Had great views all around, plus a great vantage point for previewing the steep winding trail leading up Mt Baldy. " - Peak-Conquistador, Jun 16, 2018
"5 minute side trip tag on the way down from Baldy. Further down Devils Backbone we witnessed a helicopter rescue of three people who somehow managed to get way off trail on a ledge above very loose and very steep terrain on the south side of the trail right at the crux. Incredible skill and execution by the SAR team." - edg, May 30, 2016
"Ski lift trail to Baldy; onward north to Dawson and Pine and back up to Baldy (2x today; we skirted the summit of Dawson on the return from Pine, so only one summit of Dawson); then back to the Baldy Lodge grabbing Harwood on the way, where we saw two bighorn sheep. Back down to Manker Flats via the service road." - HikerMark, Jun 27, 2015
"My First Time up the Devil's backbone trail and I was so stoked on how cool it was! I was on my way up to summit Baldy for the 1st time and I had to bag Harwood while I was at it. There were very high bone chilling winds up top. It was my first lesson to be prepared for any weather on top a summit regardless of the forecast that day." - 1-with-Nature, Jun 12, 2010



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